Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tapestry in Bulgaria

Here is the next instalment of my retreat in Bulgaria.

As I have said, the retreat is owned by Silvia, a tapestry weaver and acrylic artist from Pazardzhik in Bulgaria.

On the left is one of Silvia's lovely tapestries. She uses only natural yarns in her work which has a very distinctive folk art feel.

Having spent several lunchtimes and evenings spinning my tapestry weft and weaving the tapestry, I eventually finished it on the afternoon before we left. On the right you will see it finished, but still on the loom.

This close up shows the unwoven warp. I wanted to keep the yellow of the sky quite soft, as it was in the design. So rather than spin more weft, I felt the unwoven warp would look much better.

Unfortunately, I'm not so sure about the white in the free areas! I can't quite decide whether to unpick the white, which was finger crocheted with the colours, or leave it as it is!

I have now just got to sew in the end that will work to the front, the warp ends at the bottom and secure the warp ends at the top, so as to keep the free warp straight and even.


Bettina said...

welcome home! your description of the retreat sounds very tempting - though probably too hot for me. your tapestry looks good to me - but will it be stable enough with the unwoven background? or do you have to fix it to a timber frame or something similar?

Leigh said...

Lovely tapestries. Yours came out very well!

Willington Weaver said...

I was hoping to hang the tapestry as it is from a dowel or the small branch I collected in Bulgaria, but I think I may have to stretch over a cloth covered board or similar and mount that on another board. If I don't stretch it I will have to weight it to keep the unwoven warps straight.

Thanks for your imput.


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