Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Colour Palette

This  month's colour palette is featuring Autumn colour, but not in the traditional sense.

I wonder why I like these colours for November?  Are they a palette that you would choose?
How would you use these colours?

Lots of questions, but lets not let our brains vegetate over winter (and that manic season that will soon be upon us!)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

New Niddy Noddy!

We've got a few new niddy noddy's for sale on our online shop
They are the most beautifully hand made niddy noddy's we've come across and are the creation of Nick Gant in Devon.

The Dam, which takes 1 metre per turn, is priced at £20 and the Lamb, a sample niddy noddy, is £15.  They will both be available from 14 November, so put the date in your diary, ready to order!

Left: The Dam in use.

Left: The Dam, in "flat pack" mode!

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