Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Marian Stubenitsky Workshop No. 2

I'm just back from a wonderful few days in France with Jane Deane.

The first three days were on the Marian Stubenitsky Workshop exploring double weave with Echo & Iris.

After designing our design line we started weaving but I had some threading mistakes, so after eventually sorting them out I had an interesting first sample.  The weft lifts are "drawn as threaded".

This swatch is an Echo & Iris double cloth, and the distinct square blocks are the true double cloth areas.

Double cloth can have varying ratio's of interlacement of the colour on the front and back and this swatch shows these ratio's and how it affects the amount of colour on the front of the swatch.

By selecting an area where the double cloth is most obvious and only weaving this area a crinkle effect can be achieved with cotton in one pick and Colcolastic in the other.  This is what it looks like before the Colcolastic is washed.

Weaving the design line in Turned Taquete gives the great effect!  This swatch uses a 4/4 twill lift interspersed with plain weave lifts.  I was worried that the purple in the weft was too dull, but against the orange in the weft it looks ok...

This Turned Taquete swatch gives a much more crisp pattern using 3/2/1/2 twill lifts interspersed with plain weave.  Again I used the orange weft and then the purple weft.

With the double weave sett a repp weave can be produced when using a thick and thin pick.  I only used a small section of the lifts based on the design line, but you can see the repp effect.

There is so much potential in these experiments, I'm really looking forward to exploring more.  Thanks to Marian for developing these ideas and passing them on to us.
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