Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Computer Design Again!

At the beginning of August Linda, from the Online Guild, posted an interesting post about transfering a weave to a stripe sequence design.

It has taken me quite a while to read through the details and work out how to do it, but I have managed the first part, which is creating the stripes using my Photoplus programme.

This is the picture I was given by a student in my class, which I have used as a starting point. We are using it in class to do some Creative Spinning.

Using the colour pick tool, I selected some of the colours and then using the paintbrush tool I painted the colours onto a new page.

What a surprise when I found the lilac colour in the reflected sky at the bottom of the picture!

I followed Linda's instructions on making a new page, 800 x 2400 pixels to represent the size of a scarf. In this I made rectangles which I filled with some of the chosen colours.

This is quite a pleasing task to do. What would be good is to use one of the programmes effects to put texture into the dark green areas and the pale blue areas. I will try that next.

I then repeated the exercise, but this time I made the stripes vertical. Again I would like to make the green and pale blue into texture by using one of the effects.

Finally I repeated this exercise and added a gradient fill.

All I have to do now is to add a layer to this with the weave on it. I have almost got there, but my weave pattern is to pale to be seen clearly enough.

However, I really like this gradient design and could see it in a lovely silk scarf, dip dyed or painted in sections to get the gradients.

I also want to try this exercise with the New York Skyline exercise. I have almost finished weaving the 10 metre length in wool. I have just to order more of the "Rusticana" colour, marled brown, and weave the last 2 metres!

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Jasmine Weaver said...

Just amazing how much variety we can get. Will be anxious to see what else you come up with - the next couple of weeks will be really busy for me but really hope to get to put what I have into an actual woven piece.


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