Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have been rather busy lately, so not able to post so much.

Anyway, I went off to a trade fair in Birmingham, UK, with 3 friends. We went to help a friend who has a fabulous shop in our village, Willington, Derbyshire. It's called Rhiannon's and is a wool shop, chock full of lovely Colinette yarns. Rhiannon wants to add to the range, baby wool and a solid palate of colours, so hence we went to Birmingham. More about her new range in a later post.

Rhiannon is an inspiration to us all as she only started knitting just over a year ago, opened her shop in April 2006 and is now on a mission to get the whole of the Midlands knitting! She came to my spinning, weaving and dyeing class in October 2005 with the intention of learning to spin by Christmas that year. She took to it so well, she needed to do something with all that yarn she was producing, so asked her mum to teach her to knit. Now, the internet is a wonderful place and looking up knitting on Google, Rhiannon found that fabulous world of yarn and hasn't looked back. She is now on her third pair of socks!

Go Rhiannon!!!

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