Friday, February 09, 2007

I couldn't resist this Fibre Geek Questionaire

1. Do you raise fiber, animals or plant, or are a fiber user only? If you raise animals/plants...what do you raise?

I once raised silk worms, great fun, but too stressful as they die!! Also have a long haired cat, whose fur is lovely when spun!

2. What's your favorite fiber & why? Which fiber do you like the least & why?

I love wool, it's warmth in cold weather, it's coolness in the heat, how it shrinks and reacts with other fibres.

Linen is my least favourite fibre, I don't like spinning with wet hands!

3. What's your worst habit relating to your fiber?

MM, now, what can I say, too much fibre or yarn, not enough! Not enough hours in the day, week, year to spin it all! I could go on and on!

4. In what ways does your fiber habit make you a better person?

I would be so grumpy if I didn't have me spinning, weaving or dyeing!

5. How would your life be different if you had to give up fiber?

Oh, dear, oh, dear, I would be so bored, no friends and very, very sad!

6. What tools, yarns, books or gadgets can't you live without?

How long have you got?!! My looms, my spinning wheels, my drop spindles, my dye pots, my complete library, MY CALCULATOR!!

7. What was your first fiber project?

This was when I was eight, I was given a small rigid heddle loom for Christmas and I wove the first piece from the instruction book! And subsequently all the other projects!

8. Do you have any fiber mentors? Who are they and why?

My friend Gill Bourne, if she's not got the answer, no one has! and my friend Jane Deane.

9. Are you a member of any guilds? If so, which one(s)?

Derbyshire Guild of Weaver, Spinners and Dyers and the Online Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

10. What's the most exciting fiber project you've undertaken?

Late last September I was asked to write a book on Creative Spinning, for Gaia, a division of Octopus Publishing. The dead line was extremely tight so I asked my friend Jane to help. We finished the manuscript and projects by the last day of November and it has had it's technical edit, so we are now waiting for the proofs.

11. How many people have you mentored? In which fiber arts?

I teach a class every Monday evening during school term time, so over the years I have mentored quite a few people. At present I mentor a lady who came to learn to spin, who ended up teaching herself to knit and now runs a wonderful shop on knitting, weaving, etc.

12. Do you consider fiber crafts to be functional or artistic?

Definately both! Just because it's functional, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful and just because it's beautiful, doesn't mean it's not capable of being funcional.

13. What, mainly, do you make? Do you keep, or give away, most of your projects?

I used to give a lot away, to friends and family, but now I am trying to earn a living!

14. Are fiber crafts an avocation or vocation for you?

I have been weaving since I was eight years old and spinning since I was in my mid twenties, so I guess it's a vocation!

15. How many people are you committed to being a mentor for in 2007?

At present, just the one, but who knows!

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