Friday, February 09, 2007

Computer Design Study Group 2

Well all seems to be going well with the exercises I have posted for the group. There has been some lovely positive feed back for the photographs I chose and those taking part are really happy with the content of the exercises.

Exercise Two was to look at the chosen photograph and using the simple shapes from the last exercise (basic tracing skills!) colour them in with a paint medium they were happy and familiar with.

I took the New York Skyline photograph and using a mask, cropped an area I liked. I then sized it up and drew the basic outline of the image, which you will see on the left.

Here you will see that I have used water colours to "colour in" the picture! The test colours are in the right hand margin of the sketch book. These two exercises are really easy to do and give you a feel for the colours, even if they are not quite accurate. For those who are frightened of paint, they can use coloured pencils or even collage.

I hope this will help anyone who is interested in designing of any sort, not just weave!

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