Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Colour Palette of the Month - October

Last month I took my daughter to University in Aberdeen, while there we visited the Winter Gardens, a series of Victorian glass houses in Duthie Park south of the city.
I love anthuriums, they are a recurring theme in my work.  They are such strong flowers, strong in form, shape and colour and are the inspiration for this months colour palette. I worked on this palette when we got back from Aberdeen and just before we went to exhibit at 100% Design.  By coincidence one of the strong colours at the show was magenta!
I hope you enjoy this palette with or without the green I’ve added as a contrast.


Clare said...

Hi alison
I love your colour palettes, hope you don't mind me browsing your colour ideas, I find it so difficult combining colours!
Clare at Flaxandfleece

Willington Weaver said...

Hi Clare, no I don't mind. I think if it works in nature it will work for any sort of design, be it weave, spinning, embroidery, etc.!

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