Friday, October 29, 2010

Colour Palette of the Month - November!

Colour Inspirations from Urban Landscapes

At the beginning of October I had a lovely week-end in London.  On the Saturday I wanted to go to the Tate Modern to see the Gaugan Exhibition and decided to walk along part of the Embankment to the Millenium Bridge.
Along the way I came across quite a few juxtapositions of old buildings and new buildings as you can see on the left.  This particular one really caught my eye with the "all glass" building that takes on an indigo colour in the background and the beautiful old building, with it's sand coloured brick and detailing stone work.
How lovely this colour palette would be in natural dyes and weave!  From the top I'd use indigo with an iron modification; indigo on it's own, but dipped several times to build up the deep blue; a very light, quick dip in indigo with a very quick and light modification with iron to get the blue grey; Oak Gall modified with citric acid; cutch.
Mm..... This has really got me thinking!  What about you, what would you use?


Diane Marsland said...

I love your idea of colours and Inspiration of the month... Diane.

Willington Weaver said...

Thanks Diane, I find it really useful to look at the colours, as a starting point from which to lead into a new design looking at the shapes and textures.

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