Monday, February 06, 2017

Colour Palette of the Month - February 2017

I felt it was about time that I re-instated the Colour Palette of the Month Series, so I'm kicking it off with February's palette.  This image is of Darrynane Beach in Kerry, Ireland.  It was a fabulously sunny day and I had to shoot into the sun to get this image, which was quite tricky.   I got the sparkle on the sea and the very strong shadows which in turn gave me the lovely smoky colours for this palette.

I hope you like this Palette, it's a good one for Colour Blending with fleece dyed in the basic colours of Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White for a striped jumper, Fair Isle knitting or as a nice muted tweed fabric.  I'd love your feedback so leave a comment if you feel like it.


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