Monday, June 06, 2016

Aubusson and Felliton

After the Echo and Iris workshop Jane and I went to Aubusson and Felletin to see the tapestry weavers.    Aubusson is famous for it's low warp tapestries or use of horizontal looms.

It was rather late in the day when we arrived so we couldn't go to see Manufacturer St Jean and sadly the Museum was closed for the change over from the old museum to the brand new Museum to celebrate the status of International city of Tapestry.   So we went to see the weavers at Studio A2 where we purchased a beautiful little tapestry beater.

We had been recommended by the Tourist Information Office to go to Felletin to see the exhibition in the Church of the Chateau and we weren't disappointed.  The tapestries designed by Michel Degard were on display with a few others by Sonia Delauney, Henri Guérin, Le Corbusier and Alexander Calder.  All were woven by the Pinton Studio situated in Felletin.

Below are just a sample of the amazing selection of tapestries we saw with details of some of them.  What I particularly liked were the different setts that were used in the same tapestries.

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