Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spinning and Weaving Tuition in South Derbyshire

I was re-evaluating my life recently and realised I'd been teaching spinning, weaving and dyeing for 30 years this year!

My first class was in Hatton, South Derbyshire, for our local Adult Education Centre (it was Community Education then!) and was really in the right place at the right time, as they say.

I'd offered my services as a qualified keep fit instructor to a new Summer Play Scheme that was being organised and arrived at the office for an informal interview.  The Programe Manager for Community Education at the centre was on the telephone, so I sat quietly in the corner.  She came off the phone and said that she was trying to find a spinning and weaving tutor and I, casually, said that I was a weaver and a spinner.
"You've got the job!"  She replied.
"But you don't know anything about my work."  I said.
"You're qualified to teach, I'll send you a contract."  Was her reply.

And here I am 30 years later, still loving every minute if it!   The original class moved to Willington and has been running on a Monday evening at The Old School, Castleway, for over 15 years.

The success and reputation of the Willington Class has meant I now have a spinning and weaving class on a Wednesday in Heage, Amber Valley, Derbyshire and a weaving class on a Thursday evening in Leek in the Stafordshire Moirlands.  I've been running workshops in spinning, weaving and dyeing all over the UK, to Europe and have recently been asked if I'd consider teaching in Ireand and The United States of America.

One of my hand dyed, hand spun and hand woven tapestries.

The Hallamshire Guild getting to grips with "Colour and Weave".

"Creative Spinning" at Alston Hall.


Margreet said...

Great to be asked, hope it will work out and you'll get there.
Lovely to read your 30 year history!

FeltersJourney said...

Love your tapestry!
How lovely being asked to travel and teach! Good for you!

Alison Daykin said...

Thank you, I do count myself lucky. I love what I do, the weaving, spinning and teaching, and I meet such lovely people.

Just back from giving a talk at the York and Sistrict Guild, they ate a really nice group.

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