Saturday, April 20, 2013

So What's Been Going On!

Well, there's been lots of changes here in the world of Alison Yule Textiles, one of the biggest being another house and studio move!

I now have a small studio in South Derbyshire, just north of the village of Suton-on-the-Hill were I've masses of inspiration on the door step, so I usually start the day with a walk along the lanes and now Spring as sprung and better weather is on the horizon I hope to venture across the fields before I settle down to work.
A colourful corner of the studio!

Teaching has also been featuring heavily and now have three, yes, three evening classes!  Spinning and Weaving on Mondays in Willington, Spinning and Weaving onWednesdays in Heage and Weaving on Thursdays in Leek, at the Foxlowe Arts Centre.

I'm starting to get bookings for 2014, too, which is really good, but the really, really exciting news is that I've been invited to step in and tutor Anne Fields course, Spinning Beyond the Basics at The National Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Summer School.  Sadly Anne is unable to travel from New Zealand and I was recommended by several people, so I will be joining Jane Deane, Amanda Hannaford and others in Carmarthen in August.


FeltersJourney said...

Congratulations on the teaching Alison!
Your new studio looks and sounds beautiful :)

Margreet said...

Alison, hope you have more space again now! Great about Summer School teaching.

Alison Daykin said...

Thank you both, I do love it here! Not big though, Margreet, I'm afraid.

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