Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Studio and Loom Shed!

We moved in August last year and I've been moving both my studio and loom shed around a bit!  It always seems to take a bit of time to get settled in a new space, but I really wasn't happy with the studio space.

So over the last couple of weeks, when I had time, I began to re-organise my space.  I use a laptop computer and my chiropractor had told me to raise it so that I would get less neck pain and have spent a week or two using an old bed table, the ones that can be used in bed, raised and lowered and adjusted to an angle.  This was so useful that I realised that my studio table needed some adjustment.

I took one of the leaves off my table and positioned it so that it could be at one of two angles, depending if I want to stand or sit to work.   I also took some useful advise from the Craft Corner Blog.  It's aimed at the sewing community, but never the less, it's got some great tips to keep your space nice and neat and I hope you find it useful, too!

I've still some refinements to the table, but I'm pleased with it so far.

My library!

Just a small part of my yarn store!

I'll show you my "loom shed" in another post.


Dorothy said...

Looks good! I notice that your bookshelves have gained an odd cone of yarn, that happens with mine too. I don't have a laptop because of RSI issues, I need my screen at eye level and a full sized keyboard. You might find you can raise your laptop to eye level and use a USB mouse and keyboard?

Willington Weaver said...

How does that happen!

My chiropractor suggested a wireless mouse and full size keyboard, too! I've now got the screen at eye level because I took one of the leaves of the table off and used the legs and supports as a ledge to prop the leaf up at different angles.

I can also put the laptop at the top of the leaf so that I can stand and work on it. I've found that because of the angle of the laptop my wrists are supported.

I do a post on how I did it!

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