Friday, February 03, 2012

Tip of the Month - February!

Sometimes you find that the sett isn't right when you've warped you rigid heddle loom.  Don't worry!  You can change the heddle without causing any problems.  Just secure your cross to keep the threads in the correct order.  This months tip is just that - Securing your Cross (and can apply to shaft looms too if you want to change your threading).
Open your first shed by putting the rigid heddle in the down position and insert a shed stick.
 Open the second shed by lifting the rigid heddle into the up position and insert the next shed stick.
Tie the shed sticks together so that they are secure.
Remove the wrong rigid heddle and replace with the correct one.
Now you can see the order that the warp ends need to be threaded.
Take bundles of warps and tie into a loose slip knot ready for re-denting.
Once you've re-dented in the new rigid heddle re-tie in bundles for security.
 Tie to the front warp stick.
Now everything is secure, you can add the packing like we did in Decembers Tip of the Month before you start to weave.


Dorothy said...

This is very useful! I hadn't realised their is a cross in the warp, held by the heddle (doh!). I wove on a rigid heddle loom for the first time this week, to my surprise I enjoyed it and made a very useful small woollen blanket.

Willington Weaver said...

Unless you make a warp with a cross you'd be forgiven for thinking that there isn't one! However, it's easy, as you can see, to make one for a number of reasons.

Glad you enjoyed used your rigid heddle, it's often looked down on by multi-shaft weavers, sadly, but I do a lot of swatching on mine for plain weave tweed, etc.


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