Friday, January 20, 2012


For the last year, or maybe more, I've been a member of TAFA (Textile and Fibre Art List) which was the brain child of Rachel Biel of Rayela Art.  It's been a really great resource for finding the very best textile artists from across the world.
Earlier in 2011 Rachel realised that the site (a very nice Blogger site) was getting rather too big, because there were over 400 artists listed.  So she set about talking to lots of people, and the members, to decide what to do about it.  The upshot is that she organised "Cloud" Funding and raised enough money to pay for a beautiful new site which is truly impressive.
As part of the site, Rachel has asked for a Members Forum so that we can talk to each other which should be a real asset to the group and I for one am looking forward to this development.
Please take a look at the list and have a good exploration of the profiles and products that this world wide community produce.  You'll not only be rewarded by seeing some of the very best textile artists in the world, but you will be amazed at the depth of skill there is in the group.

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