Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just How Eco Friendly is Bamboo?

Just how eco friendly is bamboo, well there is a really good article on Ecouterre which explains the viscosing process of bamboo in nice simple terms.  Check it out!

Ever since Jane and I wrote Creative Spinning, we realised that most of these new "eco friendly" fibres, really are not friendly to the environment at all.  I've even turned down the chance of a commission to design bamboo fabric for a mail order company who were specialising in bamboo products, I felt so strongly about it!

The claim by the manufacturers that bamboo is the only anti bacterial fibre is really not true, wool also has these properties and for area's that have sheep it is the only sustainable fibre.  Here in the UK wool now has a champion in Prince Charles.  I'm not a monarchist, but I do applaude his sentiments  and if it takes his forthright views to get people to sit up and take note then I'm with him 100%!


Anonymous said...

I have been on a bit of a mission about rayon sourced from bamboo. In the end it is not distinguishable from a rayon made from any other cellulose and has none of the claimed properties. People continue to call it "bamboo" which keeps up the myth and the price! I have more links are on my weaving blog.

Willington Weaver said...

Thanks for that Evelyn. Here is a link to Evelyns blog about Bamboo:


Dorothy said...

Thanks Alison! It's good to see an article like this out in the public domain.

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