Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boat shuttles 3

Now you should have your boat shuttles ready, one for each colour or yarn type and a number of pirns, beautifully wound ready to fill you shuttles as each pirn runs out.

My first tip is for when you load your pirns onto your boat shuttles.

To ensure the yarn unwinds smoothly from the pirn your yarn end should come from underneath the pirn before it's threaded in the hole at the side of your boat shuttle.

The next tip should be used when setting up your loom, right at the beginning, when you get it and mainly applies to floor loom!

On your batten or beater, there is usually a shuttle race.  A shuttle race is simply a small shelf in front of your reed that your boat shuttle can sit on.

When you "throw" or tap your shuttle sharply, it will "race" along this shelf to the other side of your weaving.  However, if the lower half of your shed doesn't sit on the shuttle race, the shuttle will bounce up and down on your warp and cause it to disappear through the lower part of your shed and onto the floor.

My final tip for this post concerns throwing your shuttle.

When throwing and catching your shuttle, try to do so with the palm of your hand upwards.  In this position, I'm told, you get less strain on your shoulders, particularly if you've a wide warp.

And remember to tap your shuttle sharply so that it races through the shed to the other side, rather than stopping half way.

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