Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why would any one want fabric from a bespoke hand weaver?!

Well, I know a lot of perspective clients ask this question before they even ask to see my work and I can understand their concerns, after all a piece of hand woven fabric is really quite expensive compared to fabric from a retailer who's fabrics are mass produced and repeatable, even though they are beautiful!

So, what can I offer that's different?
Well here's what!

  • My fabrics are designed exclusively for you. For example, one of your prize possessions can be used as the design source to ensure that the collection or piece woven by me will sit comfortably in your home and no one else will have anything like it!
  • I will only use hand weaving methods that industry can't emulate. I can manipulate my yarns and weaves in ways that industry can only dream about! My designs can be current and cutting edge as a result.
  • Top quality yarns, sourced in the UK or Europe, that haven't had to travel thousands of miles from the Far East, are my preferred choice, but I can use yarns that you specify, again ensuring something totally unique for you.
  • You will have access to my sketchbooks and mood boards at all stages, enabling you to feel totally informed.
  • I will present a set of woven swatches for you to choose from before I start to weave you collection or piece of work.

In short, you will have a collection or piece of work that not only reflects your self and your life style, but will have a little bit of me in it, and after all I'm an award winning textile designer!

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Dorothy said...

Yeah!! Well said.

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