Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer School

Jane and I have still not heard whether or not our Creative Spinning Course will be running at Summer School this year. We suspect it won't, but have to wait until the end of this month!
It's very sad it's not likely to run, as we've had several people contact us at Fairs and at Jane's Studio, who really wanted it to run, but have been transfered to their second choice.

We have to remain philosophical! We were selected. We didn't change our brief, (as I understand some of the other selected tutors did, when asked to supply information of advertising). And offered to share the tutor's fee between us.

I suspect the poor convenor was coerced into doing the job, as it must be a thankless task, but I hope I'll be able to take Pure Tinctoria dyes to the Summer School Trade Fair instead.


Dorothy said...

Sorry to hear this. It's odd the system used with transfers to other courses already taken place, doesn't this just cut the numbers for your course when you are trying to build them up?

I'm not doing summer school myself, various things tempting, but not sure I'm up to a full week of anything, I think I'd do a 2-3 days then want to go home! Oh dear, bit sad I know, but I like being at home and doing my own thing. Anyhow, got my fingers crossed for you and Jane.

Willington Weaver said...

Thanks Dorothy.
Sadly, we've just heard that the course is definitely cancelled and there's not room for me at the Trade Fair either.
It's such a pity as I met two very nice ladies who'd booked onto the course and were offered their second choice. One was very philosophical and took it, but the other was adamant she wasn't going to take it until she knew that our course was definitely cancelled.
Yes it's a very weard system they run.

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