Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 - European Year of Creativity and Innovation

I've just heard that this year is European Year of Creativity and Innovation, which is really wonderful. The objectives of the year can be found here: Goals of the Year
In summery:
  • Fostering creativity in all age groups via education.
  • Maintaining engagement in adulthood.
  • cultural diversity as creativity.
  • Expression through ICT.
  • Ensuring the maths and sciences promote innovation.
  • Developing innovation along with entrepreneurship.
  • Innovation as a route to sustainability.
  • Innovation in the public and private sectors.
I found out about it via the Arts Derbyshire Newletter, so I hope that it is being promoted widely. We, in the creative industries, find it very difficult to get across to "Joe Public" what we are about and why our products are not as cheap as on the High Street. If this engages the general public to take part in some form of creativity they may realise that we invest a huge amount of time in what we do. Lets also hope that creative engagement in schools will also generate a new level of understanding of creativity in the future.


Leigh said...

I love initiatives like this because they are so inspiring. I love that they can offer goals and focus to one's work. Between this and the UN's International Year of Natural Fibres, it should be a great year for the fiber and textile world.

Willington Weaver said...

Yes, it should shouldn't it! I'm hoping it will focus on the real sustainable fibres like native wools and not the so called "eco" fibres.

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