Monday, May 12, 2008

Tying the warp to the front apron

I'm often asked why I tie my warp to the front apron in a different way to every one else. Well, simply, it's the way I was taught way back in the mid-60's. I have tried other methods, which make it easier to adjust a knot, but I find the method I was taught is a much more secure method, especially for "slippy", silky yarns.

As you can see I first bring the warp ends under the apron stick!

I then bring the ends up and back over the stick, keeping each half of the bundle on the same side as it went under the stick.

Here each half is crossed around the back of the bundle and brought back up to the front.

Finally the halves are tied on top of the bundle.

If I'm weaving in wool, I very often only tie the one knot for each bundle, it's only when I'm weaving with something slippery that I tie a second knot over the first.

I hope this is of help to those of you who keep asking me!


Katherine Regier said...

This is the method I was taught and still use. I have tried other ways, and never get the hang of the new technique. Thanks for the great picture!

Bev said...

Oooooohhh! I like that! Thanks for the demo. I'm going to try this on the chenille warp I'm just getting ready to tie on.

Bev in SC, USA

Jane said...

Love this method. It's the same one I use and the one I was first taught by my friend, Patty, back in the 70s.

I've tried other methods, but this is my tried and true. It has never let me down.

Great photos -- and a very nice share!


kathyinozarks said...

Oh wow, that is how I was taught too, back in the late 70s. I learned the basics of how to weave in Colorado and then life stuff happened and I have been too busy to be creative. I am retired now, finally have my craft room set up, and hope to get to my weaving again soon-hope I haven't forgotton everything.
Glad to have found your blog-will help me getting going again Kathy in ozarks

tried-and-true said...

Hi. I'll put my hand up too. This is how I was taught, and while I've tried the other methods, I'm staying with this technique; it works every time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tie mine almost like this except I put my warp threads over the apron rod- uner ant tie in in the front! The same but different!!
Looks like there are a few of us funny ties out there.

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