Sunday, January 20, 2008

Huck Lace

I finished the huck lace shawls last Sunday and have been frantically trying to find black sewing thread to sew on my labels, so while I searched I took the opportunity to photograph them.

This is the detail of the undulating pattern with dots! Sorry it's not to clear because of the black silk and cashmere. Not my choice, but what I was asked to weave for Shades of Cashmere.

Here is the finished shawl, it's very light.

This is the "Heart" shawl. I don't weave lace very often, as I said before, so am really pleased with the shawls.

This is the detail of the "Heart" shawl. I developed the designs myself, but found I was quite restricted by the fact that I only had 40 dobby bars. I had to reduce the size of the hearts quite a lot. I have made spread sheet to help prevent this happening again, though, which I'm very pleased with!

The yarn is machine washable, apparently, but being 90% silk it does crease, although they do drop out quite quickly. All in all a very pleasing project!


Leigh said...

Very elegant! The pattern is lovely.

Willington Weaver said...

Thanks Leigh.

When I've figured how to do it, I will put the details of the spread sheet for designing huck lace!


Rebecca said...

Alison, I love these shawls - they're beautiful.
Redgate Studios

Bonnie Samuel said...

These huck lace shawls are beautiful. I've handwoven huck lace patterns with alpaca -- the pattern plays with light so well and with silk must be gorgeous.

Willington Weaver said...

Thanks Bonnie, I was very please with them. The light isn't so apparent due to the mix with cashmere, but they are very light and soft.

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